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The Taser Vs Stun Gun Shoot Out… the Winner Will Surprise You

Tasers and immobilize are non-deadly electronic self-preservation weapons. I know you read in the paper… “A Taser murdered a suspect…” however the daily papers never print the catch up report that, under scrutiny, it was not the Taser that executed them it was medications, liquor, and so forth. Consider it, each law officer Tasered before being issued a Taser, No officer has passed on, none have even gone to the healing facility. Tasers and immobilize don’t execute.

A Taser is an immobilize which shoots into the attacker two (anodes) thorns connected to wires. The subject’s Taser cartridge shoots points up to 15 feet and the law implementation cartridges shoots the extent that 35 feet. All Tasers believer to an immobilize by uprooting the cartridge.


Speculation: C2 $299.95 to X26c $995.95.replacement cartridges are $30.00 for every shot. All Taser models are 50,000 volts.


A Taser’s execution is extraordinary as it permits you to shoot up to 15 feet to stop an attacker. Locating implicit laser. You line up your “red laser spot” on your aggressor and press the terminating catch. The Taser will fire the two stunning electric points in a vertical example. Both thorns must contact the terrible gentleman practical. The chances are you will hit your target.

In the event that you miss the focus, there is include insurance with a Taser on the grounds that you may evacuate the used cartridge and your Taser turns into an immobilize. You might then zap your aggressor with an influential 50,000 volts. Tasers have a higher amperage than immobilize making them pack more punch.


Venture: 150,000 volts $20.00 to 6,200,000 $149.95.

immobilize come in different sizes and voltages. To “drop” an awful gentleman you need no less than 500,000 volts. The higher the voltage the quicker the immobilize will drop the terrible fellow. You need the most morevoltage immobilize (in excess of 500,000 volts) you can bear. As a dependable guideline, 500,000 volts will take around three seconds to drop your aggressor and the 6.2 million volts will drop them in under a second.

I prescribe the tried Shock n’ Awe Body Guard immobilize as a result of its full six million, two hundred thousand volts that truly pack a clobber.

The grievance regularly found out about an immobilize is that you up near use it. This is just incompletely genuine. It is genuine, if you need to drop the terrible fellow to the ground you must touch the attacker, yet what is your true goal? Your security. You are not attempting a legend: you need to sheltered, and to keep a savage result.

In 99 percent of the time you can keep away from an issue by just discharging your immobilize buzzing around. The uproarious crackling sound of the two million volt Shock ‘n Awe immobilize might be heard over a hundred yards away.

For example

One of our customers in the wake of having her immobilize practically a year with no incitement to use it, she found she in the shopping center parking garage. She would accelerate and the fellow would accelerate, when she backed off he additionally eased off. She evacuated her two million volt immobilize from her tote and let go two short cautioning impacts buzzing around. She said it was similar to a cartoon. The fellow spun around and rapidly quick strolled away. She stayed safe.

So you don’t need to be up near use an immobilize.

Which is best, a Taser or a Stun Gun? This relies on upon your needs. If there is one decision I would propose a two million volt immobilize over the Taser.

In the event that somebody comes after you with a blade, you may like a Taser. Most different events the two million volt immobilize will handle the crisis. I convey the two million volt Shock ‘n Awe immobilize all around I go. Itis cut to my sash and resembles a mobile phone. My wife conveys 6.2 million volt Shock ‘n Awe’s, one joined to the sun visor on her auto, the other in her tote along her blue C2 Taser. As Mr. T would say, “I compassion the Fool… who disturbs her.”

Dr. Tag Powell,

Also his wife, Dr. Judith Powell are protection toward oneself masters and Certified Taser International Dealers. They have ready thousand of people security toward oneself devices, gadgets and methods. Tag is multi-faceted, has composed in excess of 50 books, taught courses around the globe. His rocket outlines hold national and global grants. The most recent nine years Dr. Powell has detracted his consideration from the sky and concentrated on security toward oneself devices. His years of examination and experience has permitted him to plan 12 state-of-the-craftsmanship immobilize demonstrates now available.

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