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It’s always a race to the finish line when it comes to technology. Who has the best device, on the fastest network, with the coolest bells and whistles wins. It seems that at least once a month we are having to upgrade or we are outdated. What we were once okay with doing – listening to a voicemail – we learn a “better” way to do it – now we have them transcribed on our phones for us.

It makes me wonder: Does technology gives us needs we never knew we needed, or does it create a false sense of want that will never be attained?


Shopping was once such a glamorous task, and now you can do it all online. While it’s incredible convenient and can save you a ton of money, you do miss that person-to-person connection. It was an update to an existing system. Whether or not it needed the update remains to be seen.

The same goes with technology. You buy a smart phone, walk out to the parking lot and your phone already has an update to install. Or you buy a new smart TV, hook it up only to see a commercial for one better than the one you just bought, coming out next month. How do we keep up with it all? Sometimes, these changes or “updates” as they like to call them, aren’t really even making a difference on the product itself. Many times it’s just a veneer of the outer shell, trying to make itself look nicer, when it still acts the same way.

Why are we forced to upgrade when we can barely work the current device we have? Why do we need to have this or need to have that, when we lasted for so long without it? Is technology ever really current, or does it advance at such a rapid rate that it gives us things we either don’t need or could have lived without.  promising to make our lives better, without really changing a thing? Some would argue, Yes.

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