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Internet is a global network. It connects people from one end of the earth to the other end. Internet has made communication possible to an unimaginable extent. The internet makes the whole planet as a global village. It not only makes way for communication, it acts as super brain. Internet gives you answer to almost anything you pose for. The internet carries a huge number of information you cannot even imagine. The internet also hosts information on almost anything that is rarely near to the given search word. That is why we have some many pages opened if we are not specific to our search.

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The web pages connected to servers

There is numerous numbers of web pages; the web pages are connected to servers which in turn provide us the facility of internet. Since there are umpteen numbers of web pages, it is not possible to have a single server for each and every webpage. The web pages are all connected to a specified server. A server can host several web pages. When we search for a web page in a search engine, the server directs us to the URL containing the web page. For example, Google is a server and it hosts millions of web pages, so whenever we search a web page, Google will redirect us to the specified web page.

Web hosting is a part of internet hosting service which allows individual websites make available in the World Wide Web. The webhosting has a large scope. It can be started with a small web page and files sharing in a small scale. It allows us to upload any file onto the internet. Website hosting varies in the amount paid for hosting. Cheapest hosting and the most expensive hosting are typically the same except the latter has large storage capacity.

The webhosting for personal use is usually a single page webhosting. For commercial and business organizations, the web hosting is complicated and provides database support and developing application programs. There are many types of web hosting like the single page, free hosting, shared hosting, virtual servers and reseller web hosting etc.

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